About Mindful Meal Planning


Are you SERIOUS about getting your family to eat smarter, healthier meals?

Do you feel like the chaos of life often gets in the way of meal planning and getting healthy food on the table?

Are you tired of paying for weekly meal plans?

This online meal planning program will change the way you feed your family. It was designed to make healthy meals easy and fun, as well as help you save more time and money to enjoy all those things you really love!

Yogi Mami’s Mindful Meal Planning is a 100% online, self-paced program for the busy mom who…

  • Wants to feed her family healthy meals daily (even on the most hectic nights)
  • Needs to spend less time (and money!) preparing food, shopping and worrying about food
  • Aspires to have even the pickiest eaters in the family eating the same meals as everyone else.
  • Desires to feel confident about meal planning, shopping and preparing healthy food.

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen

How My Program Works:

My online program includes everything you need for step-by-step meal planning: videos, continually updated, in-depth information, planning tools and more meal planning menus and recipe resources

After you submit payment, you’ll have instant and complete access to all the materials. The program is divided into 4 convenient, self-paced segments, each of which contain videos, resources, worksheets and assignments to keep the meal planning momentum going.

You’ll have lifetime, unlimited access to the training in a private members-only website that you can visit 24/7. Plus, you’ll be invited to the private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, share strategies and inspire each other.

I will teach you HOW to put together a healthy meal, instead of giving you a set meal plan which might not work for your family, but I will also share with you my weekly menus to offer inspiration.

You will learn how to shop smart, gain tons of time and money saving tricks and receive the tools and support you need to become a healthy meal planning expert.

Plus, you will receive a complimentary ebook copy of my cookbook, with dozens of recipes ready to pop into your meal plan. And these are real-life recipes, not recipes that have lots of weird ingredients that will make picky eaters turn up their noses.

Join me for a virtual grocery shopping tour and a pantry makeover, where you’ll learn how to keep your kitchen stocked with staples that will allow you to create healthy, delicious meals on the fly!

You will learn how to overcome picky eating, make recipe substitutions for food allergies and find out what diets and foods are really healthy and what’s just a trend.

Hands holding an healthy fresh vegetarian salad in a bowl, fresh raw vegetables on background, top view

What is Included:


1 – Meal Planning
  • Essential components of every meal
  • Healthy nutrition basics
  • Step-by-step guide to successful meal planning
  • How to transform your menu plan into a grocery list
  • Keys to keeping the plan running effortlessly
2 – Pantry Makeover and Virtual Online Grocery Store Tour
  • Pantry makeover how-to
  • Lists of essential healthy ingredients
  • Online Grocery shopping tour. Learn to cut through the marketing hype, how to tell what is truly healthy and how to use what’s in the store to your advantage. Find out about my favorite ways for eating healthy on a budget!
  • Tips on how to save time and money
3 – Meal Prep Tips and Tricks
  • A library of recipe, kitchen tools and healthy cooking resources
  • Learn how to save money on groceries
  • How to eat healthy while eating out
4 – Picky Eaters and Food Allergies
  • Tips and techniques for expanding the palates of picky eaters
  • How to stop making separate meals for every family member
  • The best way to end the food battles once and for all!
  • How to make safe substitutions in meals for people with dietary restrictions
  • Analysis of different diets, fads and foods. I’ll teach you what’s really healthy so you can ditch the guilt and feel confident with your choices.


Bonus Materials!


  • Downloadable book of delicious, healthy, fermented food recipes that you can make and home and add a healthy boost to any meal.
  • Weekly Meal Plan menu with recipes that contain real food and are family tested. Plus, they are all quick and easy or can be made ahead of time. Good food should taste good!
  • Weekly meal preparation tips to save time during the week!
  • Learn how to eat healthy, real food on a budget.
  • Repurposed leftovers so you don’t have to eat the same meal twice!
  • You will also learn cooking techniques and tricks to maximize flavor. All without spending half your life in the kitchen. Everything I recommend is completely realistic. There are no cleanses, no supplements, no drastic changes here. Healthy eating should be something that you can do all the time and enjoy, not a quick fix or the latest fad.
  • Ongoing healthy, real food recipe inspiration to ensure you don’t fall into a menu planning rut!